The Child as a Partner in Mission

The past decade has seen a significant awakening on the biblical and strategic importance and potential of children and youth as both objects of and agents for world transformation. A wealth of new initiatives and

Rediscovering the Domestic Church

Domestic Church is a way of describing spiritual activities taking place in a home setting. It has been practised across the centuries, although not always called by this name. At a time when faith in

What does a discipled child look like?

After writing about “Developing a Biblical World View in Children” for a magazine I have not been able to get this question out of my head. 
 If our job as children’s pastors is to

The Child in Christian Thought

This book will soon have graced our shelves for 15 years. Many have been written since which explore in even more depth its key themes. So why review it now? Well, for one thing many

Review – Raising Children in a Digital Age

In this new and thought provoking book Bex Lewis offers a mix of practical advice and introductions to new services, plus resources, questions and strategies for helping us raise this generation. Raising Children in a

The Cape Town Commitment and Children

The Cape Town Commitment arose from the 2010 gathering of the Lausanne Movement For World Evangelisation. It included significant reference to children. This event, which first took place in 1974 occurs about every 15 years

The Family in the Bible

This is an unusual theology book – it’s a collection of short chapters considering a “specialised subject” in great detail. That subject is “family”. Family in the Bible Edited by Richard S. Hess and M.