Why Kids Need Systematic Theology

I know what you are thinking “Isn’t that a bit much for kids?” 50 years ago I would have agreed with you even 20 years ago. Today is a different day. There are many reasons

Children, Church Planting and Ministry to Parents

Last December a Christian mission partnership visited a village in a country not friendly to Christian mission to hold a day’s Christmas celebration with 80 kids. They distributed the Christmas Story with a gospel presentation.


My guess is that the majority of the readers of this article can remember a time and/or a place where they made a commitment to follow Jesus. Perhaps you ‘gave your life to Jesus’ or

10 reasons children should play at church

Do you believe kids should play when they’re at church. Why? Dale Hudson has 10 reasons why this is a great idea. 1. Play gives kids the opportunity to connect with each other. In a