My guess is that the majority of the readers of this article can remember a time and/or a place where they made a commitment to follow Jesus. Perhaps you ‘gave your life to Jesus’ or

10 reasons children should play at church

Do you believe kids should play when they’re at church. Why? Dale Hudson has 10 reasons why this is a great idea. 1. Play gives kids the opportunity to connect with each other. In a

10 habits of an effective trainer

1. Create an environment where participants feel comfortable talking to each other.Be sure to include some fun “get-to-know-you” games and activities to introduce participants to each other. 2. Consider the physical set-up of your training

Reclaiming the Missing Link in Faith Formation

What is forming the spiritual intelligence in our youngest children? Kevin Unicomb looks at child discipleship from within the traditions of his church and draws out universal lessons for us all.  Without doubt, from what