Releasing a Sense of Wonder

How deliberate are we in helping children think carefully about popular culture? How do we help them be creative. Here is a provocative thought. We will intentionally seek out and promote to our children, (via

The International Summit on Children at Risk

We are at an unprecedented time in history as the Global Church rises up to seriously address the importance of children, especially children at risk. Major developments in the Global Church community in the past

The Max7 Resource Website Explained is a Global Children’s Forum project and is part of the ‘Open Source’ ethos of the overall partnership. There are at least 7 very practical things you could do at the site. These could

The Child Faith Journey – 10 key insights

All around the world there is a fresh focus on ministry to children. While many remain unreached by the message of Jesus they do not remain unreached by other ideas and other religions. 

As the