Bible Handling Goals for 8-11 year olds

An age-appropriate guide for children’s use of the Bible – their knowledge of its content, skills in using it and attitudes towards it. Children of different ages approach the Bible in different ways. As their

Leading Children to Christ

Guidelines for sharing the Gospel with children and supporting them in their new life as Christians. Use the comments section below to share. This article is from the Max7 resource library Clearly Present the Gospel

Teaching Sunday School with Nothing but a Bible

How to write your own lesson materials using just your Bible, your knowledge of the children and your creativity. Although commercially produced Sunday School materials are out of reach for many Sunday School teachers, that

Welcoming Children of Other Faiths

Ideas for those in a predominately Christian culture as they seek to reach out to children from other cultures and faiths. Not all of the guidelines will apply in every culture but there is much

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