Engaging Families

No matter who we are, what our age is, or where we are from, we are all part of a family. It is important to remember this as we plan strategies in disciple-making. Here are

Training for Every Leader

When the 1for50 dream was birthed at the Global Children’s Forum ten years ago, no one could have imagined that it would grow into a global movement with activity in more than 100 nations! Praise

A Little Girl Shares a Secret

The last Aim Lower Journal featured the ‘Best Secret Ever’ cards that help children introduce their friends to Jesus. Peter Empson, the creator of the cards below shares a story of a girl in a

Best Secret Ever

Can you join all the children together using 4 connected straight lines? There is a secret way to do it. Another much greater secret tells how God has a rescue plan for everyone in the

1for50 Update

A Growing Vision in the Philippines After attending the 1for50 retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2016, leaders from the Philippines came together to form the 1for50 Dream Team for their nation. United by their

Equiping Children to Understand the Bible

What are the foundations that help us equip children to understand the Bible. Here are several different resources that help you explore this vital subject. Bible synopsis – how to teach the whole Bible narrative This

How Does Partnering Work

Though all partnering efforts and collaborative initiatives are different, there seems to be some common processes, principles, and best practices. The following seeks to summarize some of those. Stage One Activities: Identify (Laying the foundation

Small Commitments, Big Faith

During many children’s ministry programs, there will be opportunities given for children to respond to what they have learned and heard in that particular lesson. Some responses will be to the Gospel message that Jesus