Are your children safe, or are they saved?

Only when children know and fear God, walking in faith and in Christ’s righteousness, can they truly be both safe and saved. Rebecca Lim works with the Bible Club Movement (BCM). Here she challenges us

Child Evangelism – A Theological Oveview

A study of the Biblical basis for the evangelism of children and the implications for ministry practice with children. Can young children make a solid decision to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal

Welcoming Children of Other Faiths

Ideas for those in a predominately Christian culture as they seek to reach out to children from other cultures and faiths. Not all of the guidelines will apply in every culture but there is much

The child and commitment to Jesus

During many children’s ministry programs, there will be opportunities given for children to respond to what they have learned and heard in that particular lesson. Some responses will be to the Gospel message that Jesus

8 ideas to help you connect with families

Ideas for connecting the children’s ministry at church with the children’s families and supporting parents in their role. Children are part of families and while friends grow in their influence as children reach their teens,