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Leading Children to Christ

Guidelines for sharing the Gospel with children and supporting them in their new life as Christians. Use the comments section below to share. This article is from the Max7 resource library Clearly Present the Gospel

Are your children safe, or are they saved?

Only when children know and fear God, walking in faith and in Christ’s righteousness, can they truly be both safe and saved. Rebecca Lim works with the Bible Club Movement (BCM). Here she challenges us

Child Evangelism – A Theological Oveview

A study of the Biblical basis for the evangelism of children and the implications for ministry practice with children. Can young children make a solid decision to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal

The Child as a Partner in Mission

The past decade has seen a significant awakening on the biblical and strategic importance and potential of children and youth as both objects of and agents for world transformation. A wealth of new initiatives and

The Child in Christian Thought

This book will soon have graced our shelves for 15 years. Many have been written since which explore in even more depth its key themes. So why review it now? Well, for one thing many