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Aim Lower is powered by the Global Children’s Forum [GCF]. GCF is a partnering network of over 100 organisations, large and small, local and international, who have come together around children and the gospel. We adhere to the Lausanne Covenant in matters of Christian belief and seek to live out God’s kingdom values in all we do.

We first gathered in 2008 to respond to the needs of the more than 2 billion children in the world with these questions:

  • How can we be more effective in reaching these children with the good news of Jesus?
  • What can we do together that we cannot do alone?

Our ultimate goal is that every child would have the opportunity to meet Jesus and be encouraged and equipped to follow Him daily.

With 2/3 of the world’s children untouched by our current efforts, something has to change – quickly. As a result we challenge each other to think Biblically about ministry with children, and to explore the best missional thinking from around the world. As we combine this with an environment of creative and innovative thinking, wonderful new ways of doing ministry with children, leaders, churches and families are emerging and being shared.

All this is done through servant-hearted, global partnering. Our desire is to see effective tools and innovative thinking readily available to the whole Body of Christ. In order to facilitate this, we seek to make all our resources available free of cost and copyright restrictions. We encourage you to change and adapt them to fit your local situation and share them back with everyone so that we can all learn from each other. We also share things anonymously so that our individual organisations and personalities will not come between God and his work.

Technology allows people from around the world to continually work together on projects and explore new ideas. However, GCF partners regularly gather for face-to-face meetings. About every two years we have a larger global gathering. Between these times, smaller groups convene as the need arises. We try to move these gatherings around the world in order to enable a wide variety of people to attend.

However, these gatherings are not the only way to participate.

You can sign up to follow Aim Lower activities:

On the aimlower.com websites you will discover many resources and ministry models – translate them, use them, improve them, add to them and pass them on to others.

We know we are not the only answer to the global challenge of evangelism and discipleship of children. We think of ourselves as yeast that helps the whole batch of dough rise. Although small, we seek to serve in such a way that every church and every organization can benefit from our efforts.

Will you join us in this mission?

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  1. I love your website and your mission. You probably know of Mission India and our focus on reaching the children of India. We touch the lives of more than 5 million children each year. I think you have people here in the Grand Rapids area? Could we get together? I’m the recently retired CEO of Mission India.

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